Qualifier 4 Final Report

By Jordan Aldridge-Payne

With Temp Name consisting of some of the top tier players from Overwatch’s competitive scene, Team Forbidden would have to pull out all the stops to try and bag their place at EGX this September. With a seasoned former coach and player heading Temp Name, they seemed unfazed in their attack on this qualifier, and were keen to show why they deserve a spot in the tournament.


Game 1 – Eichenwalde

Round 1 – Temp Name Attacking

Team Forbidden opted to defend on the point with Larsen on Genji putting pressure on Temp Name in their first push. This defence was countered aggressively by iUkEeE and Smex Pharmercy combo, effectively removing Team Forbidden from the first capture point. Keeping up the momentum, Temp Name utilised MikeyA’s Tracer capability and Fusions’ Winston disruption to get in the middle of Team Forbidden and take out most of the team. Temp Name’s focus on Relief as Solider made it impossible for him to counter the Pharmercy pairing, allowing them to capture the second point. Hypoc and Dids managed to get the payload incredibly close to the final capture point by pairing Genji’s damage and Zenyatta's discord orbs, nearly wiping out all of Team Forbidden. With the payload fast approaching its final point, Team Forbidden burst out of spawn with aggression and win a team fight, giving them a chance to regroup on the payload. Despite a valiant attempt at defending, Temp Name overwhelmed Team Forbidden, landing just shy of a team kill to capture the final point.


Round 2 – Team Forbidden Attacking

Despite a very forceful first push from Team Forbidden, they were repelled by Hypoc as Genji and MikeyA as Tracer, forcing the whole team back to spawn. Whilst Team Forbidden attempted to adopt the Pharmercy combo, it was impressively countered by a precisely timed D.Va ultimate from Smex. With no time left, Team Forbidden fought desperately for one last push, but the fight inevitably went in the favour of Temp Name, winning them the first map.

Game 2 – Nepal

Round 1 - Sanctum

Temp Name started the round strong with Dids picking up a respectable three kills as Zenyatta, with Orisa’s prensence making it hard for Team Forbidden to push in on the point. Having taken control of the point, Temp Name forced back Team forbidden, with iUkEeE hacking their health pack as Sombra, a small aspect to defending that made a huge difference. Temp Name held back Team Forbidden effortlessly, taking the first round.


Round 2 – Village

Team Forbidden were left scattered after their first push, falling to a lost fight with Temp Name who had opted for taking the high ground instead of pushing the point. Dids showed off both how accurate he is with Zenyatta, and at how he can keep up with the teams focus in the opening fight of the round, keeping his discord orb on key players. Although they captured the point momentarily, Team Forbidden were quickly dispersed by Temp Name, with Smex showing that Bastion is a viable pick for the map in his capable hands. After pushing Team Forbidden back to their spawn, Temp Name took their second round of the game, seemingly stronger each round won.


Round 3 – Shrine

Temp Name quickly took the first capture on the point with no trouble at all, with their momentum continually picking up. Team Forbidden had a brief glimmer of hope as they caught the point, but was quickly destroyed by Jypoc and his Genji ultimate. After toying with Team Forbidden, Smex changing roles repeatedly to almost taunt Forbidden, Temp Name removed Team Forbidden from their point to win the second game.

Game 3 – Kings Row

Round 1 – Team Forbidden attacking

With Kings Row being a favourite of the qualifiers, both teams had reasonable experience on the map. Smex opened up this round as Torbjörn, taking out three of Team Forbidden, followed by them all being forced onto respawns. Team Forbidden showed their first sign of coordinated play, sending Larsen forward to pressure Temp Name as Genji, but were halted just shy of the capture by Temp Name. Another nail-biting capture attempt was stopped at 99.9% of the capture, and frustration levels were noticeably high for Team Forbidden. On their last push, Temp Name narrowly held back Team Forbidden from capturing the point.


Round 2 – Temp Name attacking

This round saw three tanks on the side of Temp Name as they began to push on the point, but were stopped by a surprisingly strong ultimate from Larsen as Genji. Temp Name quickly changed the team composition to feature three supports, and managed to force Team Forbidden off the point to win their third game.

Game 4 – Lijiang Tower

Round 1 – Night Market

Temp Name showed signs of life at the start of the round, where the whole team flanked behind Team Forbidden and caught them off guard, taking the first capture on the point. With the capture point just over half way for Temp name, a huge push from Team Forbidden cleared them off the point, pushing them back to spawn. Temp Name denied Team Forbidden any opportunity to recapture the point, scoring themselves the first round.


Round 2 – Garden

Despite a strong initial hold on the point for Team Forbidden, Temp Name make good use of Hypoc as Genji and the Pharmercy combo to establish a firm hold on the capture point. After very minimal effort on the side of Temp Name, every push was halted from Team Forbidden, giving them their second-round win.


Round 3 – Control Centre

With Team Forbidden fighting for their spot in the tournament, a well played fight resulted in Team Forbidden capturing the point. The capture point began to creep up on the half way mark, Temp Name crush their dreams and collapse on the point, winning a fight that forced Temp Name back to their spawn. Although they were in an unfavourable position, Team Forbidden continued to resist Temp Name’s domination to the bitter end, with Temp Name proving to be too much to handle. Temp Name held the point in overtime, securing their place at EGX this September.


So that wraps up the fourth qualifier on the Road to EGX, with Temp Name demonstrating the difference in skill between the teams. The match would have been in the favour of Temp Name from the very start, seeing as two of the UK’s Overwatch World Cup team were part of the roster. Team Forbidden looked strong in their matches leading up to the final, but the difference in skill proved to be too much for them to handle. Temp Name proved themselves to be a top spot contender for EGX this September, and are sure to give all the other teams a run for their money. This means half of the spots have been taken, with one more online qualifier taking place Saturday 29th July – Saturday 5th August. Be sure to follow @EGX_Esports on Twitter for all the news and updates on all things EGX Esports. 

About the Author

Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports and games journalist from the UK and has been playing games from a young age. You can follow him on Twitter at @mrjordanap.