Qualifier 5 Final Report

By Jordan Aldridge-Payne

Map 1 – Nepal 

Round 1 – Shrine

The opening fight started with mirror match team compositions, and ultimately went in favour of TBH, Gare on Tracer with impeccable focus. Supersoker and Gare forced Nexus back with a co-ordinated flank, and became a difficult front line to surpass. Nexus gaming managed to break down Team Bounty Hunters’ solid defence in overtime, forcing them off the point to gain some points themselves. Team Bounty Hunters came back strong to recapture the point, resulting in their win of the first round.

Round 2 – Village 

Gare continued to shine with his phenomenal focus on the Nexus Gaming DPS and support, gaining the first capture on the point. Gare constantly harassed Nexus Gaming as Tracer, punishing even the smallest mistakes, giving no openings for the enemy. Nexus Gaming struggled to regain any ground, despite having changed the team composition to counter Team Bounty Hunters. Without taking a single cap on the point, Nexus Gaming lost the second round.

Round 3 – Sanctum

Team Bounty Hunters took the first capture, but were quickly overthrown after being split up by Nexus Gaming. Gare, Ginger and Supersoker retaliated in devastating fashion, each picking up kills to take back the point. Nexus Gaming refused to let up, and came out of a fight victorious, narrowly retaking the point. Shimmy’s Primal Rage proved to be useful, but Nexus Gaming still took the point into overtime. Following a round of repeated back and forth point captures, the third round ended in the favour of NXG, who began to show a new found momentum going into the fourth round.

Round 4 – Village

Both teams opted to open with a mirror match team composition again, but Nexus Gaming stepped it up to win the first fight, taking the first capture. Knowing the threat he posed to the team, Takvmi prioritised Gare, and managed to keep him off the point. Nexus Gaming’s points rocketed into overtime, but a Dragonblade from Supersoker wiped out four of Nexus Gaming, leading to a team wipe in Team Bounty Hunters' favour. Despite an impressively strong start, Nexus Gaming were unable to get back in to the point. Team Bounty Hunters took it to overtime, and despite Nexus Gaming’s best efforts, won the round and their first map.

Map 2 – Kings Row

Round 1 – Nexus Gaming Attacking

Nexus Gaming opened the round aggressively, but their first push was repelled skillfully by Supersoker as Reaper. Takvumi managed to pick off three of Team Bounty Hunter with a Pharah ultimate after flanking alone, forcing the remaining defenders back away from the point. Nexus Gaming got caught in a fight for control of the payload, losing to Team Bounty Hunters' perfect focus and co-ordination. Tsema landed a perfect ult, reviving five of his team on the payload, giving Nexus Gaming the perfect chance to retaliate. This gaveNexus Gaming a chance to catch Team Bounty Hunters off guard, resulting in Nexus forcing the payload ever closer to the second point. This was shortly followed by Nexus Gaming capturing the second point, pushing the payload halfway towards the final point whilst Team Bounty Hunters regrouped. Team Bounty Hunters won a team fight, but Nexus Gaming kept edging the payload closer with repeated skirmishes. Supersoker took up the mantle of Tracer, whilst Gare harassed as Soldier 76. Gare delivered a brutal blow to Nexus Gaming with a Soldier 76 ultimate, which was followed by a nail bitingly close fight in overtime. The payload fell just shy of the final point with Team Bounty Hunters holding Nexus gaming off, leaving them with a near three point push on their hands.

Round 2 – Team Bounty Hunters Attacking

Supersoker opened up the first push as Hanzo, proving his flexibility as a player, leading to Team Bounty Hunters’ capture of the first point with little resistance from Nexus Gaming. Nexus Gaming refused to take this lying down, reacting with a strong ultimate from Takvumi as Genji, landing himself a triple kill and regaining control of the payload for the team. Jamie and Androbion continued the defence as Reinhardt and Tracer, completely shutting down Team Bounty Hunter’s push. Supersoker further demonstrated his accuracy, landing vital Hanzo arrows when needed. This, along with Team Bounty Hunters' overwhelming pressure, allowed the team to push the payload to the second point. Gare and OTTR combined Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Tracer’s Pulse Bomb to devastate Nexus Gaming’s defence, giving the team enough momentum to take the last point with a comfortable amount of time remaining.

Map 3 – Temple of Anubis

Round 1 – TBH Attacking

Both teams opted to feature a Sombra, showing how vital control of the health packs on the map are. While contesting the point most of Team Bounty Hunters are dropped, despite Supersoker taking down three of Nexus Gaming with a Dragonblade. Gare applied enough pressure with Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor for Team Bounty Hunters to not only win a vital fight, but to also capture the point in one fell swoop. Arathyn and Androbion combined Winston and Reaper to repel a strong push by Team Bounty Hunters on the second point, allowing Nexus Gaming to comfortably repel multiple pushes on the point. Androbion landed a Death Blossom during a team fight, seeming to be the nail in the coffin for Team Bounty Hunters in this round. Despite having no luck previously on taking the point, Team Bounty Hunters forced their way in to the point, utilising the team’s ultimate abilities. Team Bounty Hunters narrowly took the final point in overtime, but captured the second point nonetheless.

Round 2 – NXG Attacking

Nexus Gaming pushed forcefully around to the right hand side high-ground, but Team Bounty Hunters defended perfectly, taking down four of Nexus Gaming. Supersoker continued his onslaught as Genji, taking down five of Nexus Gaming with Dragonblade.  Despite a near team wipe, Nexus Gaming came back stronger and dove onto the capture point, throwing Team Bounty Hunters off the point in a won team fight. Having captured the first point quickly, Nexus Gaming had over five minutes to capture the second point. Team Bounty Hunters repelled the first push on the second point, but Nexus Gaming refused to let up and kept piling on the pressure. Sombra’s EMP ultimate was traded back and forth, but Team Bounty Hunters continued to hold the point firmly. Supersoker made quick work of another Nexus Gaming push, dropping four of the attackers using his Dragonblade ultimate. Team Bounty Hunters continued to defend with ease, swatting away any attempt at a push with co-ordinated ultimates from OTTR, and Supersoker changing to Mei in an almost taunt-like fashion. Nexus Gaming attempted one last desperate push in the build up to overtime, but were bested by OTTR’s and Supersoker’s immense defensive pressure. Despite having a generous amount of time to capture the final point, Nexus Gaming were beaten and Team Bounty Hunters were one map away from victory.

Map 4 – Ilios

Round 1 – Well

Supersoker and Gare applied enough pressure as DPS in the opening fight of the round to take the first capture point. Team Bounty Hunters held Nexus Gaming back effectively from capturing the point, but Takvmi exploited a break in their defence, giving Nexus Gaming a chance to try a push in overtime. Following an unfortunate disconnect from Ginger mid-fight, Nexus Gaming win a team fight in overtime, capturing the point. Coming out of the pause, Team Bounty Hunters came back stronger, taking down most of Nexus Gaming, and recapturing the point to win the round.

Round 2 – Lighthouse

Kicking off the second map was Supersoker, giving TBH the breathing room they needed to capture the point first. OTTR stepped up the defence as D.VA, with Nexus Gaming unable to get any holdon the point. Nexus Gaming were held near their spawn, but managed to escape their spawn after capitalising on a shut down on a Supersoker ultimate as genji. Despite this minor victory over Supersoker, Nexus Gaming were unable to hold the point, and lost the second round to Team Bounty Hunters.

Round 3 – Ruins

Tsema opened with surprising aggression as Lucio, getting two kills, causing enough disruption to give Nexus Gaming the room to take the first capture. Team Bounty Hunters responded instantaneously, and forced Nexus Gaming off the point. Takvmi retaliated with a Dragonblade, keeping the pressure off Nexus Gaming long enough for them to recapture the point.  In back and forth battle, Team Bounty Hunters took the point back from Nexus Gaming, with Supersoker repelling any hope of another push. OTTR and Lyna fought off Nexus Gaming’s last push as Widow and Zenyatta in overtime to close out the game, earning themselves a spot at EGX this September.

With that, it’s done. Team Bounty Hunters close out the last online qualifier, and become the fifth team to earn their spot at EGX. There are still three spots available, but will be available for teams who attend EGX in September, to earn themselves a shot at each winning a spectacular Omen by HP laptop. Make sure to follow @EGX_Esports on Twitter to keep up to date with all Road to EGX details, and if you haven’t already head over to the EGX website to get your tickets for the event from 21st-24th of September. 

About the Author

Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports and games journalist from the UK and has been playing games from a young age. You can follow him on Twitter at @mrjordanap.