Team Bounty Hunters Interview

Watch the Q5 final between Nexus Gaming and Team Bounty Hunters on YouTube

Did you watch Nexus play before you faced them in the final?

Well, we have known Nexus Gaming for a while now. We’re good friends with the guys on the team, whilst also knowing they have a player from the Romanian World Cup team. We’ve scrimmed them a couple of times in the past and we did well, but that was with a different roster. Our team roster completely changed, with me being the only player from the previous roster, and we only started scrimming as a team the day before the final. It’s been a bit chaotic setting up, but it’s been great. We watched Nexus Gaming’s match against Adopted Penguins, and they didn’t really struggle, they did really well. As a team, we expected them to make it all the way to the finals.


How comfortable were you knowing that Nexus were comfortable in their previous games?

We just knew we would have to play patiently, and would have to be the ones to control the pace of the game. We had to be really patient with our engages, and focus heavily on our target selection. Since we were running Genji and Tracer for flanks, we aimed to force them to push to us so we could flank. We know we made a lot of mistakes over the series, and you could say there were some miscommunications here and there, but we knew it was easily fixable. We were all pretty tired since we had a cup before this, but overall we were happy with how our team changes went and how we performed. 


We saw a lot of great plays from Supersoker and Gare as DPS. How well would you say them, along with the rest of the team synergised?

I think we synergise pretty well. Both Supersoker and Gare, as well as OTTR, are really mechanically skilled. It was difficult for us at times as we all come from different teams, and have had different playstyles we were used to. There were times when there we be confusion on when to use ultimate abilities, but I think we did great with things like bringing our ultimate abilities together, and our positioning as a whole. We’re a new team roster and everyone is happy to play together, and we can’t wait to play LANs this September.


What would you say were the main reasons you came away from the final 4-0?

I think a big part of it came down to map draft. I feel like it was difficult for Nexus Gaming to know what we were going to play, seeing as we used to have a different team roster with a different draft style. We aren’t fans of hybrid maps at all, we prefer King of the Hill and Payload maps, so were fortunate with the maps we got.

When we went to Nepal, it was like our bread and butter. We looked at their team, noticed they didn’t have a D.Va, and knew all we needed to do was be patient. We timed our fights and knew how to clean up. We played patiently, let them rush us, but when it came to Sanctum we ran the wrong team composition. We went aggressive when we didn’t need to, and ended up losing the map. Really, we should have swapped some characters around and played the poke game, but that was just a mistake we made. 

In terms of the final, they played really well, and it was easy for us. It wasn’t a free game for us, they really put up a fight. I feel like we had an advantage since we engaged and used ultimate abilities better, the micro aspects are what gave us the advantage. It wasn’t down to them making big mistakes or anything like that, it was more the small mistakes that we made sure to punish them for. 


Between now and September, what are you guys going to be working on?

We have about a month and a half to work with, so we could see ourselves scrimming about 4 hours a day. We feel like we could go on to win the tournament, or at least end up doing well, by then we really think we could have our team and playstyle refined. The day before the finals we only scrimmed for 3 hours, and didn’t get a warm up before our matches on the day. 

I’ve had experience previously leading a team, and with this being a new team roster, it’s important to have that voice for shotcalling, as to not have conflicting callouts. In a month and a half, we can work on making all maps more comfortable and test out new team compositions. We’ve seen a lot of people picking up Doomfist, with players having played him since PTR. Whilst we won’t have as much experience with him, we want to see if we can get good with him in the time we have.


Will you be looking over the past qualifiers?

We want to look back through all the finals to see what sort of rivals to expect in our matches, which will be interesting to look back at. I think we showed a lot of potential in the final, but we played what we were comfortable with. In a month, we want to see if we can spice things up, change up our team compositions. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go back through the VODs to scout out key players that may be a threat. I’m good friends with players from teams that have qualified, so am already familiar with who to look out for.