All participants must be available to play on Sunday 24th September. 

All players must be signed up to the team on this site

All matches are being played in a 6v6 format on PCs and peripherals provided at EGX. 

The game version must be up to date and be running the latest version of Overwatch.

If you have entered a previous series and dropped out without giving sufficient notice to the admin team, you may not be eligible to take part in this qualifier. Please check with an admin before signing up. 

Please also refer to the overall series terms and conditions.



Once the elimination series has started, the following starting guidelines apply:

BO3 Rounds - If your team is not ready to play within 15mins of the published start time, the match will be forfeited entirely

BO5 Rounds - If your team is not ready to play within 15mins of the published start time, the first map will be defaulted. After a further 10mins, the second map will be forfeited.

No Show - If after 15 minutes a team does not show up, default can be claimed by confirming a win into the tournament system and announcing a no-show into the Tournament Discord Channe

Teams who repeatedly do not show up for scheduled matches, may be excluded from the remainder of the tournament series. 

A maximum of 15mins pause time is permitted per series. 

Map Pool

Maps are as follows and will be decided by the admin team for this qualifier:

  • Hanamura
  • Temple of Anubis
  • Volskaya Industries  
  • Dorado
  • Route 66
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Hollywood
  • King's Row
  • Numbani
  • Eichenwalde
  • Ilios
  • Lijiang Tower
  • Nepal
  • Oasis



In case of a tie on Assault, Hybrid or Escort a preset Best of One Control map is to be played. The team that captures the first objective fully, on the first point of the control map will win the tied map.

Please note: Control maps picked in from the map pool are to be played as a Best of Five

Scoreboard screenshots from each round are required


Rules: Competitive

High Bandwidth: On

Vetos - 15 minutes

Control game mode format: BO5

All Heroes

Allow Hero Switching

Hero Selection Limit: 1

Respawn as Random Hero: off

Map Rotation: After a Mirror Match

Return to Lobby: After a Game (Control), After a Mirror Match (All Others)

Disable Skins: Off

Disable Health Bars: Off

Disable Kill Cam: On

Disable Kill Feed: Off

Headshots Only: Off

Skirmish Only: Off

All modifiers at 100%

Team balancing: Off

Region: EU



Games will be streamed each round throughout the day at - We request that you do not start games early or until a game in your round has been confirmed as streamed.  


Abuse of bugs and use of cheats is forbidden. Any misuse will result in disqualification from the tournament.  


Captains to screenshot all scores and report scores via the tournament website and confirm in the EGX Esports Discord Channel when scores have been submitted.


If you have any questions, please join the EGX Esports Discord Channel. We would advise remaining in this channel so we can update you with any messages during the tournament.